Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh

Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh

Researcher, writer, political and military strategist, advisor on military and security affairs at South24 Center for News and Studies.


Mr. Thabet held many positions the most prominent of which were:

- Vice President for the National Center for Strategic Studies at the Presidency of the Republic of Yemen since 2014.

-  Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense in Yemen from 1992-1994.

-  The Director of the Military Information Center and editor-in-chief of the Yemeni Military Encyclopedia 2001-2012.

-  Deputy Director for the Youth Department of the Political Department of the Southern Armed Forces (South Yemen) 1986-1987.

- Director of the Youth Department of the Artillery and Missile Corps, 1977-1986.



- He holds a fellowship from the National Defense College in Syria.

- He holds a master's degree in military and political sciences from the V. I. Lenin Military-Political Academy, Moscow (1987-1991).

-  He holds a diploma in Social Sciences with honors, from Germany.

-  Received many courses in both Egypt and the United States.

- Participant in many study centers and became an analyst for a number of Arab television channels and newspapers.