South Yemen: Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Attack on Southern Forces


Fri, 26-03-2021 11:48 AM, Aden Time

Aden (south24)

AlQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that targeted a security point of the Southern Forces (Security Belt) in Ahwar, in Abyan governorate, South Yemen, on March 18th.

The attack killed 8 soldiers and 4 civilians traveling, while they were passing by.

"Ansar Al-Shariah" published an infographic announcing that they were behind the attack. According to what was published by the American website specialized in terrorist groups (SITE).

"The storming of a security point belonging to the Security Belt Forces between Ahwar and Al-Arqah in Abyan. The attack killed 8 of the Security Belt Forces...," the organization said, while part of the advertisement was shaded.

Commenting on the event, "Reminder that terrorism is rarely defeated, only managed," said Elizabeth Kendall, an expert on jihadist groups.

Kendall added, on Twitter, "Until today, alQaeda in Yemen had formally claimed only 2 ops this year. Today AQAP claimed both. Last week's mass casualty attack on southern forces near Ahwar, Abyan. Attack on Houthis in Mukayras, Bayda' on Sunday".

Against the background of these deadly attacks, the STC in Yemen called on "the regional and international coalition to combat terrorism to provide the necessary support to continue our common war against terrorism and its groups and to cleanse Aden and South in general of its criminal cells."

On Thursday, the pro-STC Security Belt forces held a military parade in Abyan.

"This parade represents a preparation to cleanse Abyan of terrorism and a message to the STC leadership that we are ready," the commander of the Security Belt Forces in Abyan, Abdul Latif Al-Sayed, said.

Southern security forces played a prominent role in combating terrorism in South Yemen. With the support of the United Arab Emirates, it was able to clear South Yemen of ISIS and Al-Qaeda militants.

The risk of terrorist groups returning again increased, after the Shabwani Elite Forces were expelled from Shabwa governorate in August 2019 and government forces loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood took control of large parts of the governorate.

- Image: Soldiers of pro-STC security belt at a military parade in Abyan, South Yemen, on March 25 (official).

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