A prominent Yemeni party: Yemen unity is aborted


Sun, 23-05-2021 06:16 PM, Aden

(South24) Aden

The Yemeni Socialist Party, a prominent political party in Yemen has declared on Saturday that Yemen unity is aborted in the 1994 war. A solution to the Southern cause according to the expectations of South Yemen's people has been called by him.

On the occasion of the 31st unity declaration between South Yemen and North Yemen in May 1990, the party has issued a statement describing the anniversary as "orphaned and feelingless". 

This unity has been "assassinated" according to the statement, since the "first assassination that took away the party's cadre and until the 1994 war against South Yemen".

The war against South Yemen "created a terrible fracture in the national course" and "aborted the dream of establishing a state and it was a coup on the partnership," said also the party.

Yemen Socialist Party was the ruling party of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen) before the unity on May 22, 1990. 

The party has also pointed out that the "unity anniversary" comes in "unprecedented humanitarian conditions" due to "eliminating and excluding individuals", aborted "the unity and state" and "setting back" Yemenis. 

To break out of this reality the party stated that the option for peace comes from a "political compromise", where the "fair Southern cause is resolved in what the Southern people aspire".

From the party's point of view, the Riyadh Agreement signed by the STC and Hadi's regime is " the first step on the thousand-mile journey".

There are those who seek to explode a new war in South Yemen, the party hinted as well for calling on "the complete and strict abandonment of military options in resolving inner issues" according to the statement. 

The unity anniversary comes in a shredded reality that promotes the historical division between South and North states. Especially, after the control of the Iran-backed Houthi group on most North Yemen territories while the STC controls Aden and most of South Yemen cities.

 Southerners demands for years now to restore their lost state that existed up until 1990.

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