Raising Tensions and Violence in Shabwa and Marib: ACLED Regional Overview


Thu, 01-07-2021 01:27 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Last week in the Middle East, political violence increased in Yemen due to renewal of the Houthi offensive on Marib city last week resulted in levels of political violence in Marib [North Yemen], comparable to those seen at the height of the offensive in February and March 2021.

Houthi attacks were launched on pro-Hadi forces on several fronts west of the city, in the Medghal, Raghwan, and Sirwah districts. No clear advances were recorded for either of the warring parties, with pro-Hadi forces being able to fend off Houthi attacks with the support of sustained Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

In Shabwah, [South Yemen] tensions ran high between the Hadi government and the STC last week, ahead of an event organized by the STC in Nisab district. Pro-Hadi forces arrested STC sympathisers and deployed forces to the district throughout the week.

They also fired artillery shells towards residential areas, reportedly to scare people away from participating in the event1. As a result, the STC announced the suspension of all communications with the Hadi government in the ongoing talks between the two parties in Riyadh2.

In Saudi Arabia, Houthi attacks continued at a sustained rate last week, targeting the provinces of Asir, Mecca, and Najran. On 19 June, Saudi forces claimed to have intercepted as many as 17 drones launched towards the kingdom3.

By ACLED Regional Overview – Middle East (19 - 25 June 2021)
Photo Source: ACLED Regional Overview