Al Zubaidi Declares a State of Emergency in South Yemen to Confront the Houthis


Thu, 16-09-2021 08:40 AM, Aden Time

Aden (south24)

On Wednesday evening, the STC declared a state of emergency across the Southern governorates, and the increase of the combative capabilities against the Houthis.

In a video speech, broadcast by the AIC TV, General Al Zubaidi, on Wednesday Evening, urged the Southern Forces with all their formations, to "raise the degree of their fighting readiness, and to increase the state of alert to the utmost, as well as preparing for implementing the combatting tasks of defending land, honour, religion and identity, in addition to the mobilization of all energies to face the Houthi militias and any other threats and risks".

"Moreover, we urge our Security Forces to use iron hand against everyone who even thinks in destabilizing security and stability" He added.

Al Zubaidi noted that taking such a move was a result of "the Houthi militias and terrorism and extremism forces' renewal of their invasion on South Yemen" as well as "the conspiracy that targets Aden, which is no less dangerous than the Houthi invasion".

On Wednesday Down, the Houthis were able to advance in several areas in Bayhan District, of the oil-rich governorate of Shabwa towards East of Aden after the withdrawal of the Forces, affiliated with the internationally recognized government from their locations. Moreover, the Houthi Forces made advances in military regions in Mukayras District of Abyan.

Al Zubaidi called the Southern Resistance men and all Southerners to make "Public mobilization, and to enhance the fighting fronts with men, money and gear to counter those invading militias with all strength and valor".

Al Zubaidi gave his directives to all the STC and the southern governorates local authority leadership levels to stay in permanent session and to harness efforts required to secure the public services for people.

He called the Arab Coalition to "complete its necessary Arabist role, to take their responsibility towards the region’s national security, and correct the course of our joint battle on the military, political, and media levels".

By supporting parties, affiliated with the Islamists, inside the government, the Saudi-led Coalition failed to make military progress in the battles of the Yemeni Forces on several fronts in North Yemen.

The Houthis threatened to extend their battles towards South Yemen amid the defeats of the formal governmental Forces, and the tendency of the Iran-backed group to obstruct the United Nations’ efforts to end the war and open an all-out political settlement.

- Photo: Al-Zubaidi during his emergency speech on Wednesday evening, September 15, 2021 (official)

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