The Complexities of the Post-conflict Reconstruction In Yemen


Sat, 02-10-2021 12:45 AM, Aden Time

Eman Zahran (South24) 

While the conflict in Yemen is heading toward a new phase based upon the “first briefing” delivered by the fourth UN Envoy Hans Grundberg in front of the Security Council which carried various messages to all parties and actors involved in the Yemeni Issue, the horizons and challenges related to the reconstruction became more obvious in spite of many tangled and complicated handlings that impose themselves upon the whole matter. This stirs questions about Yemen's ability to engage in a successful reconstruction process in the post-conflict stage, and how it can achieve this in light of many interlocking complications and current challenges, In spite of the efforts and roles made by the international official institutions and the non-governmental organizations as well as the initiatives made by the regional and international powers for rebuilding or reconstructing Yemen in the post-dispute phases, there are “grey areas'' which may hinder those efforts in one way or another, as shown in the following points:

Entangledcomplicated handlings:

There are local internal situations and regional interactions as well as recent international moves which necessitated different handlings of the “reconstruction” problem for the countries affected by the armed conflicts like the Yemeni pattern, the most important of which are: