A child receiving medical care after the attack (activists)

Taiz: Children Causalities by Houthis-accused Shelling


Sun, 24-07-2022 06:14 PM, Aden

Taiz (South24)

At least 10 children were killed and injured, yesterday, in a shelling targeting a residential neighborhood in the city of Taiz, North Yemen.

According to a local source who spoke to "South24", a shelling, believed to be by the Houthis, targeted the residential neighborhood of Al-Rawda.

According to the source, 10 children who were gathering in the neighborhood were wounded, and one of them later died of his injuries.

So far, the Houthis have not commented on the incident or denied any connection with it.

A circulating picture of Al-Baraa Murad Abdullah Al-Sharif who was killed in the Houthi-accused shelling

Yesterday evening, a number of victims' families staged a protest stand in front of the residence of Antony Hayward, the military advisor to the UN Envoy to Yemen, who is currently visiting the city.

Scene of the protest in Taiz (Almasdar Online)

According to press sources, families condemned the Houthi targeting of Al-Rawda residential neighborhood during the humanitarian truce and called on the UN Envoy to condemn it.

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