Military soldiers in northeastern Marib governorate, on 16 April 2021. Photo: AFP

South Yemen: Forces from Marib Reinforce Pro-Islah Forces in Shabwa


Tue, 09-08-2022 07:35 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

Today, pro-government Southern Forces repelled a military reinforcement coming from Marib governorate, North Yemen, to the pro-Islah forces in Shabwa Governorate.

A security source told "South24" that forces from Shabwa Defense (formerly the Shabwani Elite), backed by the Southern Giants Brigades, repelled reinforcements belonging to the 163rd Infantry Brigade on Ruwaik desert road which connects the two governorates.

According to the source, the confrontation resulted in the killing of several soldiers from the forces coming from Marib, and arrested three others.

Ataq, the capital of Shabwa, witnessed renewed clashes for two days between the Southern Forces and gunmen from the Special Security Forces and the Ataq military axis.

An informed source in Shabwa told "South24" that clashes broke out late yesterday evening and continued until the early hours of this morning.

According to an official source, the pro-Islah military targeted the house of Shabwa's governor Awad Al-Awlaki with a mortar shell early this morning.

Yesterday, the Presidential Council issued decisions appointing a new military and security command for Shabwa, after the previous command was dismissed.

The decisions stipulated the appointment of Brigadier General Adel bin Ali Hadi as Commander of Ataq Military Axis, Brigadier General Fouad Al-Nassi as Director General of Shabwa Police, and Colonel Muhim Saeed as Commander of Shabwa's Special Security Forces.

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