Yemenis maneuver through rubble strewn streets in the besieged city of Taiz (AP Photo)

Taiz: International Condemnation of the Houthis Truce Violations


Wed, 31-08-2022 09:34 PM, Aden

Taiz (South24)

Today, the UN Envoy to Yemen and international embassies condemned the Houthis attack on Al-Dhabab area in Taiz governorate, North Yemen.

UN Envoy Hans Grundberg said: "I condemn the attack that was launched from areas controlled by the Houthis in Al-Dhabab area in Taiz that left a number of soldiers killed or wounded."

The Swedish diplomat called on the Yemeni parties to seize the opportunity provided by the truce "to demonstrate full commitment to ending the prolonged conflict."

The US ambassador to Yemen, Steven Fagin, also condemned the attack, saying it was a "direct violation of the truce." The ambassador called on "all sides to continue full participation in the Military Coordination Committee."

In a statement, the European Union Mission in Yemen condemned the attack, describing it as "deadly". The statement added: "The Houthis' targeting of the mountain road linking Taiz and Aden undermines peace efforts."

British Ambassador to Yemen, Richard Oppenheim, also condemned the attack stating he was "deeply troubled by Houthi attack in Al-Dhabab, in violation of the truce." "urge all parties to engage with the UN-facilitated Military Coordination Committee which aims to de-escalate," he added.

A few days ago, the Houthis launched the most violent attack since the truce took effect in the country on pro-Yemeni government forces in Al-Dhabab area, west of Taiz.

According to Yemeni press sources, the attack left 14 soldiers of the pro-government forces dead, and 10 other wounded.

On Monday, the state news agency, Saba, said that 10 Houthi soldiers were killed and 7 others wounded, after responding to the attack in Taiz.

The UN truce will complete its first month on September 2, after being extended for two months on August 2 until October 2.

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