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UN Security Council: Houthi Demands Are Maximalist


Thu, 06-10-2022 05:31 PM, Aden

New York (South24) 

Yesterday, the UN Security Council described the Houthi group's demands regarding the extension of the UN truce in Yemen as "maximalist".

In a statement, the Council said: "We express our deep disappointment at the passing of the 2 October deadline to extend the Yemen truce by six months".

"The Houthis’ maximalist demands in the final days of negotiations had hindered the United Nations’ efforts to broker agreement, risking negative consequences. They reiterated their expectation that the parties find a way forward to reinstate the truce," the statement added.

The Security Council welcomed the constructive engagement of the internationally recognized Yemeni government with the efforts of the UN Envoy Hans Grundberg to extend the truce.

The statement pointed to the gains that the truce extension would achieve at the humanitarian level, such as: opening roads, paying civilian salaries, and paving the way for an inclusive and comprehensive political settlement.

The statement added: "We urgently call on the Yemeni parties, in particular the Houthis, to return to the negotiations to extend the truce." The Council stressed that it will take " all action to support efforts for peace, security and stability in Yemen."

In a related context, the Security Council Sanctions Committee announced the including of two Houthi senior officials, Mansour Al-Saadi and Mutlaq Al-Marani, to the Council's sanctions list.

In the first official comment from the Houthis on the Security Council statement, senior official Mohammad Ali al-Houthi tweeted: "It is not maximalist to break the siege on Yemen, and it is not maximalist to pay employees' salaries."

He added, "We have planes that know their destination despite the air embargo. If the payment of salaries is maximalist, the armed forces have another bank that has already been paid."

The US Envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking accused the Houthis yesterday of adopting  "maximalist and impossible" demands in the last moments of the truce, during a press briefing.

"We don't know if this has anything to do with Iran," Lenderking said. "We need more flexibility to make progress in extending and expanding the truce. Washington renews its support for the efforts of the UN Envoy."

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