Attendance of the Southern Journalist Conference, Januar 17, 2023 (Adam M0hammad- South24 Center)

Southern Journalists Hold Their First Conference in Aden


Tue, 17-01-2023 07:03 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Earlier today, the First Conference of Southern Journalists and Media Professionals was held in the capital city Aden with the presence of a group of Arab and foreign journalists.

The conference, which was attended by "South24 Center", included nearly 800 media representatives from various governorates of South Yemen, representing majority of media outlets.

Delegates to the conference in Aden. Jan 17, 2023 (Adam Mohammad- South24 Center)

The conference included an opening session in the presence of guests of honor, in which the national anthem of South Yemen was recited and a speech by STC President was broadcasted.

Aidrous Al-Zubaidi, in a video clip, congratulated for holding the conference and described it as "a democratic victory for Southern journalists and media professionals."

"The Southern media has made huge sacrifices in the battle to defend the homeland, its identity, and its freedom. You are facing a pivotal moment to arrange the southern press house," Al-Zubaidi added. 

The STC Spokesperson Ali Al-Kathiri considered the conference as "a new start for the press and media movement that was leading one in the Arab region."

Delegates to the conference in Aden. Jan 17, 2023 (Adam Mohammad- South24 Center)

The conference's organizing committee announced a plan to establish an independent press union for Southern journalists, as a main goal of the unprecedented conference.

It is scheduled to complete the work of the conference tomorrow and announce the establishment of an independent press union, after decades of what Southern journalists describe as "exclusion and marginalization."

STC Officials in the conference. Jan 17, 2023.  (Adam Mohammad- South24 Center)

In a previous report, "South24 Center" had revealed that Northern journalists close to political parties had taken over the internationally recognized Yemeni Journalists Unions.

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