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Houthis Military Escalation in South Yemen


Mon, 27-02-2023 04:16 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

The Houthi militia recently launched military attacks against South Yemen, targeting sites of the Southern Forces and civilian objects.

Houthi drones attacked border areas in the governorates of Al-Dhalea and Lahj, causing civilian casualties.

On Saturday, two civilians were killed by Houthi snipers in Al-Fakher area, west of Al-Dhalea governorate, according to the South24 Center correspondent.

Yesterday, the Houthis bombed, with mortar shells, citizens farms in the same area. They also targeted, with artillery, residential areas in Karsh, Lahj governorate.

On Saturday, the Houthis carried out a violent attack on the Harib district in Marib governorate and Ain district in Shabwa governorate.

Sources said that the attack in the Harib district, whose center is controlled by the Southern Forces, left four dead in the Saba Military Axis Forces.

The attacks coincided with Houthi military reinforcements to fronts that witnessed violent clashes before the UN truce last year.

Field sources told "South24 Center" that yesterday, the Houthis sent military reinforcements to Musaimeer district in Lahj governorate.

Earlier today, South24 correspondent reported that the Northern group had built roads and military developments in Al-Hasha district, south of the governorate.

This remarkable escalation comes days after a speech by Houthi leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi, in which he threatened to resume the war if the group's demands were not met.

For months, the Houthis have been negotiating with Saudi Arabia to pay the salaries of their fighters and employees in their regions, as part of mediation led by the Sultanate of Oman.

Yesterday, the Houthi-affiliated Supreme Political Council in Sanaa accused the United States of obstructing Omani mediation and salary-payment understandings.

South24 analysts believe that the recent Houthi statements come in the context of pressure for more concessions.

In a separate context, the Southern Resistance Council warned today of the return of the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Rashad Al-Alimi to the capital city Aden.

The head of the Resistance Council, Abdel Nasser Al-Yafei, said in a video speech: "We will not accept Rashad Al-Alimi's return to our land after today."

The move came in response to Rashad Al-Alimi's press statements regarding South Issue, which sparked widespread Southern anger.

Al-Alimi said, on Friday: "South Issue is just, but I think that talking about it or its solution at the present time may be inappropriate."

The Southern Transitional Council responded in a statement in which it considered these statements a breach of the partnership, and a violation of the Riyadh consultations that resulted in the formation of the PLC.

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