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Resumption of Direct Voyages to South Yemen Ports


Thu, 06-04-2023 07:50 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Earlier today, government sources confirmed to "South24 Center" that the Saudi-led Coalition had canceled the inspection mechanism for ships heading to the port of Aden since 2015.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce in Aden, Abu Bakr Obaid, said that the mechanism for inspecting ships in the Saudi port of Jeddah and the port of Djibouti had been canceled to allow direct movements.

In the founding meeting of the Businessmen Club in Aden, which was attended by "South24 Center", he confirmed the readiness of the strategic port of Aden to receive direct voyage.

A memorandum by the Yemeni Minister of Transport, obtained by "South24 Center", indicated that government ports are ready to receive direct voyages from various countries.

The memorandum emphasized a set of facilities and privileges for importation through the port of Aden and other ports, including allowing the entry of all types of goods.

The memorandum referred to directives to stop illegal taxes at some checkpoints, increase the pace of loading and unloading work, and strengthen heavy transport in the port of Aden.

A meeting on Tuesday which included the Governor of Aden and the Minister of Transport called on shipping companies to operate direct voyages to the port of Aden with new facilities.

For years, ships heading to the port of Aden have been subjected to inspection in the Saudi port of Jeddah and the port of Djibouti, which takes more time and cost.

It is likely that the abolition of the inspection mechanism for ships heading to the port of Aden comes within the framework of political understandings that may include the opening of the Houthi-controlled port of Hodeidah. 

In a previous report by "South24 Center", Yemeni Minister of Transport Abd al-Salam Hamid stated that the government in Aden would offer competitive advantages in the port of Aden if the port of Hodeidah was opened.

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