Rashad Al-Alimi arriving in Hadramout. June 25, 2023 (official)

Rashad Al-Alimi Arrives in Hadramout Amid a State of Division


Sun, 25-06-2023 11:47 AM, Aden Time

Hadramout (South24) 

On board a Saudi military plane, the Chairman of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Rashad Al-Alimi arrived yesterday in Hadramout in South Yemen, coming from Saudi Arabia, accompanied by government and Saudi officials.

Saba news agency said that Al-Alimi arrived in Mukalla to launch a number of service projects, accompanied by the Speaker of the Yemeni Shura Council, Ahmed bin Dagher, and the PLC advisor Haider Abu Bakr Al-Attas.

The governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, received the delegation coming from Saudi Arabia at Al-Rayyan International Airport, amid tensions.

A video showed the tearing down of banners in Mukalla bearing Al-Alimi's photos, prior to the visit.

On Friday, the "Hadramout Alliance and the Inclusive Hadramout Conference bloc" had warned against Al-Alimi's visit. In a statement, it said that "Al-Alimi is persona non grata in Hadramout, and we do not welcome his visit."

Today, Al-Alimi inaugurated Saudi projects in Hadramout, funded by the Saudi Program for the Reconstruction of Yemen. Saudi state media said that the total value of the projects exceeded 1.2 billion Saudi riyals.

The state media stated that "the projects included the health, energy, education and water sectors."

The visit comes days after Saudi Arabia formed the "Hadramout National Council" in Riyadh.

The dispute escalates between the parties supported by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the oil-rich governorate, especially since Riyadh's move came days after extensive moves by the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramout.

Observers fear that these developments will cause wide societal divisions, which extremist groups that take advantage of Wadi Hadramout as their stronghold may benefit from.

In a separate context, armed member believed to be from AQAP attacked the Southern forces today in "Wadi Oemran", in the center of Abyan governorate.

Deraa Aljanoob website reported that the attack, which took place in Mudiyah district, resulted in the death of a soldier from the Southern forces, while a number of attackers were killed and wounded.

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