The city of Al-Ghaydah the capital of Al-Mahra governorate (local media)

Yemeni Ministry of Interior: The Arrest of the Intelligence Official in ISIS


Mon, 03-07-2023 03:13 PM, Aden

Mahra (South24)

The Yemeni Ministry of Interior announced yesterday the arrest of the intelligence official in ISIS during a security operation in Al-Mahra governorate, South Yemen.

The statement said that Al-Mahra governorate police arrested "Obeida Al-Zarg", a Syrian national, who was nicknamed "Abu Dania Al-Suri", last Saturday afternoon.

The statement added that "Abu Dania Al-Suri" was working as a truck driver and was impersonating "Ahmed Anwar Al-Akf" with no additional details provided.

This security development comes five weeks after the Security Belt Forces announced the arrest of an ISIS cell in Yafa area of Lahj governorate, near Aden.

The cell consisted of seven individuals, including Saudis, according to the official media of the Southern forces.

These security developments come years after ISIS ceased its activity in Yemen. It also coincides with the escalation of AQAP activity against the Southern forces in Abyan and Shabwa.

Experts talked about attempts to recreate ISIS in South Yemen to strike the STC and the Southern forces, and to distract the security and political scene in the Southern governorates.

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