The seized shipment (Security Belt Media)

Weapons and Ammunition Shipment Seized at Aden Entrance


Sun, 16-07-2023 02:43 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Yesterday, the Security Belt Forces seized a truck carrying weapons, ammunition and detonators at a security checkpoint west of the capital city Aden.

An official statement said that the weapons and ammunition shipment was camouflaged among quantities of sand used for construction and brought into Aden.

The shipment included 30,000 detonators, 100,000 machine gun caliber, and a number of Kalashnikov rifles, pistols, and binoculars, according to the security statement.

The statement said that investigations with the personnel on board the truck revealed that they had come from areas controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia (North Yemen).

The Security Belt Command honored the personnel at the security checkpoint today, for apprehending this shipment, as was published by the official Deraa Aljanoob website.

On July 10, the Security Belt Forces seized four tons of chemicals used in the manufacture of missile fuel and explosive devices.

The Security Forces released pictures showing barrels and chemicals that were stored in a warehouse in Al-Buraiqa city in Aden. It said the shipment was enroute to the Houthis.

In a separate context, a woman and her son were killed, on Friday, in a bombardment carried out by the Houthis with mortar shells near Haifan front in Tur Al-Baha district in Lahj.

During the past weeks, the Houthi militia has intensified its attacks against the Southern forces on the fronts of Lahj, Al-Dhalea, Shabwa and Abyan.

A report by "South24 Center" showed that the number of attacks carried out by the Houthis from May to July 13 amounted to 51 attacks using drones, mortars, artillery and machine guns.

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