The meeting called for by the Hadrami Uprising in Al-Rudoud area. July 17, 2023 (The Uprising Media Center)

The Escalation of Popular Protests in Hadramout


Mon, 17-07-2023 04:04 PM, Aden

Hadramout (South24) 

The leadership of the second Hadrami Uprising (Haba) decided to strengthen its checkpoints in several areas in Wadi Hadramout, as part of escalatory steps against the local authority and to demand better services and addressing corruption.

This came during a public meeting, held today, in Al-Rudoud area of Tarim district in Wadi Hadramout.

The meeting accused the local authority of Hadramout governorate of corruption and failure to provide services. He also condemned the movements of the First Military District at the entrances and exits of Wadi Hadramout, coinciding with the arrival of the participants in the meeting.

The Hadrami Uprising Media Center said that the local authority attempted to prevent the meeting by seeking the help of the Northern forces in the First Military District "which caused severe tensions."

The spokesman for the Hadrami Uprising, Khaled Baghreeb, called on the Saudi-led Coalition and the Hadrami Elite Forces not to respond to the allegations of the local authority regarding the popular escalation.

The statement said, "we assure the Coalition that the popular escalation called for by the leadership of the Hadrami Uprising does not have any political, partisan, or sectarian agenda. This escalation comes within the human rights demands of the population."

The statement warned of "attempts to mislead" and said that the local authority in Hadramout is making it against the popular movements. The statement accused the local authority of manipulating the financial revenues of Hadramout governorate.

The statement called on the Hadrami Elite Forces to avoid clashes with the locals. It said that the local authority is trying to drag these forces to intercept the residents who are demanding their rights.

The local authority in Hadramout governorate has not issued any official statement regarding these allegations so far.

On July 11, the leadership of the Hadrami Uprising organized several popular protests in a number of districts in Hadramout to demand improvement of services and fighting corruption.

The leadership of the Hadrami Uprising handed over a list of demands to the leadership of the local authority, which has not yet been responded to.

Hadramout, Aden and other Southern governorates are experiencing an escalating economic crisis. These governorates suffer from power outages and increased food prices.

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