The inauguration of the military college in Marib (Saba agency)

Re-Opening Military Colleges in Yemeni Government Areas


Wed, 19-07-2023 03:36 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

The internationally recognized government of Yemen reopened two military colleges in the capital city Aden, and Marib city, after years of closure as a result of the war with the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

On July 9, Yemeni Defense Minister Mohsen Al-Daeri inaugurated the Military College in Aden. The academic and training year for the 52nd batch was also inaugurated. Saba Agency released pictures of the students in the college.

Al-Daeri inaugurated the naval forces, air defense and coastal defense departments in the college. An official in Al-Daeri's office said that these departments will remain in the Military College until the opening of its own colleges in Aden or any of the other governorate. 

In Marib, Chief of the General Staff Sagheer bin Aziz inaugurated, on Monday, the College of Aviation and Air Defense in the city, which is one of the last strongholds of the Yemeni government in North Yemen.

Saba agency said that Sagheer bin Aziz discussed completing the registration and admission procedures for the 34th batch for this year. The College Council also approved the accreditation of the aviation and air defense wings, the wings of drones, and electronic warfare and cybersecurity.

These moves by the Yemeni Ministry of Defense come after a decision issued by the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), last July, appointing Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daeri as Minister of Defense, succeeding Lieutenant General Mohammad Al-Maqdashi.

During the past months, Al-Daeri, accompanied by Sagheer bin Aziz, carried out multiple visits to various governorates to arrange military units and axes. He recently visited Hadramout, during which he revealed arrangements for securing oil exports.

Experts believe that the reopening of these colleges will increase the efficiency of the forces within the PLC, and reduce the gap between them and the Houthi militia, which has a large monopoly on missile capabilities and drone weapons.

Military expert Waddah Al-Oubali told "South24 Center": "I believe that the re-opening of these colleges can meet the growing demand to supply the army with qualified leaders from military colleges. This can end the state of randomness that exists."

Al-Oubali stressed the adoption of military standards in the work of these colleges and their exclusion from the political conflict. The expert warned that colleges are subject to the strong influence of Yemeni political parties, pointing out that the opening of one college in Aden and another in Marib may be an indication of this.

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