Scene of the damages in Aden Airport (media)

A Thunderstorm Damages at Aden International Airport


Mon, 24-07-2023 04:00 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Early morning today, a thunderstorm struck Aden International Airport injuring a number of passengers and causing extensive damages to the waiting hall and the airport's facade.

The Yemeni Ministry of Transport said that a number of passengers were injured as a result of the falling glass facades of Aden International Airport, following a thunderstorm and strong winds.

The airport administration said that the roofs of some airport halls had collapsed, and part of its fence had been demolished. At least two planes need immediate maintenance before they can be restarted as a result of their damage, according to the statement.

Transport Minister Abdul Salam Hamid inspected the airport after the accident. Government media outlets said that he directed that those affected be surveyed and compensated, and to expedite repair of the airport.

The thunderstorm coincided with light rain in different areas of the capital city Aden, and the neighboring governorate of Lahj.

The severe damage to Aden Airport sparked activists' criticism of the Saudi Reconstruction Program, which financed and supervised the airport's reconstruction project after it was hit by a Houthi missile attack in December 2020.

Activists accused the constructing company of carrying out restoration and construction works in violation of the standards and specifications required at international airports. They demanded an urgent investigation into the matter.

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