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16 Causalities of the Southern Forces in Houthis and AQAP Attacks


Sat, 05-08-2023 03:30 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

4 soldiers of the Southern forces were killed and 12 others were wounded within 48 hours in separate attacks by the Houthi militia and AQAP in the governorates of Lahj, Abyan and Shabwa.

On Friday, a military source told "South24 Center" that 3 soldiers of the Southern forces were killed in an attack carried out by the Houthi militia on Yafa front in Lahj governorate.

The source said that 2 Houthi members were killed during the attack. 

Also, 3 other soldiers from the Southern forces were killed today in the explosion of two IEDs, likely to belong to AQAP, in Mudiya district, in the center of Abyan.

The double explosion on the main road in Mudiya district left 7 other Southern forces wounded. It also damaged two vehicles, according to a security source.

Parallel to the attack, AQAP targeted with mortar shells a security checkpoint of the Shabwa Defense Forces in Al-Musina'a area of Al-Saeed district.

A local source told "South24 Center" that the shelling wounded a soldier from the Southern forces.

In a related context, the Southern forces repelled an attack yesterday by the Houthi militia on the "Bab Gluq" fronts, northwest of Al-Dhalea governorate.

A military source told "South24 Center" that the Houthi militia used African mercenaries as fighters in Al-Fakher front, north of Al-Dhalea governorate.

In addition, a security source told "South24 Center" that unverified projectiles fell today in the vicinity of Balhaf gas facility in Shabwa governorate.

The source pointed out that no human or material damage occurred in the strategic facility.

On Friday, anti-terrorism forces in Lahj governorate announced the arrest of a senior AQAP member and their financial official during a security campaign in the governorate.

Today, a meeting of Southern security and military commanders in Aden stressed raising readiness and coordination between the various units to confront developments.

For weeks, the military escalation by the Houthi militia has intensified on the fronts against the Southern forces. AQAP has also intensified its attacks since June in an unprecedented manner.

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