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Dozens Killed in Renewed Clashes with the Houthis in South Yemen


Sun, 27-08-2023 05:40 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Today, the Southern forces announced the killing of 15 Houthi militants in a failed attack carried out by the militia in Al-Hadd front in Yafa district of Lahj governorate.

The official "Deraa Aljanoob" website reported that the Southern forces repelled the Houthi attack at dawn on Sunday, after clashes that lasted for hours.

The Southern forces official spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Al-Naqeeb, told "South24 Center": "Our forces responded to the attack and inflicted heavy losses on the Houthis."

The attack killed 8 soldiers of the Southern forces and wounded others, according to a military source in the Southern forces who spoke to "South24 Center."

The source added that the attack was launched from Al-Bayda governorate, which is controlled by the Houthi militia, which borders Yafa area.

The attack came as part of a large-scale military escalation by the Houthi militia against the Southern forces since last May.

"South24 Center" monitored more than 51 attacks by the Houthi militia between May 1 and July 13, against the Southern forces.

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Senior Houthi officials threatened to return to war in Yemen if their prerequisites are not met, this includes obtaining a proportion of South's oil and gas revenues. 

The Houthis have not yet officially commented on the statements of the Southern forces.

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