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Aden: «South24 Center» Concludes a Research Training Course


Thu, 07-09-2023 11:43 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24) 

Yesterday, South24 Center for News and Studies concluded the "Drafting Investigative Reports" course within the "Fundamentals of Investigative Journalism" program.

The training course.

The course, which lasted for five days from September 2-6, was trained by investigative journalists Ahmed Al-Wasi and Mohammed Jahlan, it included 15 male and female journalists from the capital city Aden.

During the 20 hours of training, the trainees, who belong to various journalistic and media outlets, received the skills required to undertake this advanced form of journalism, with extensive practical application on writing hypotheses and dealing with investigative reporting scenarios.

The training course.

The course included several topics, including:
- The difference between investigative and classic journalism.
- Types of investigative journalism.
- The importance of investigative journalism.
- How to generate ideas for investigative reports.
- Aspects of a good investigative idea.
- Turning ideas into hypotheses.
- Preparing the preliminary research plan for the investigation.
- Journalism writing skills for investigative reports. 
- Implementation of televised investigative report.
- Writing the final script.
- Legal culture - investigative ethics.

The trainees received free certificates of participation in the course provided by "South24 Center for News and Studies" and the "Youth Forum for Political Development".

A trainee receiving his certificate.

The trainees also received a form for submitting ideas and proposals to "South24 Center for News and Studies", including investigative journalism, to provide the opportunity for anyone who wants to submit any proposals to work on them in collaboration with the center.

The distribution of the proposal forms.

This is the second course within the “Fundamentals of Investigative Journalism” program, after the “Writing Research Papers” course, which took place on August 20-24 in the capital city Aden, and included 10 trainees.

A trainee receiving his certificate.

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In total, 25 male and female trainees, including journalists, political science students, and researchers, participated in this training program, with a total of 40 training hours.

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