The head of the Houthis' political council shaking hands with Saudi ambassador in Sanaa, North Yemen. 10 April, 2023 (Houthi media)

The Houthis delegation leave Saudi Arabia after days of talks


Tue, 19-09-2023 06:06 PM, Aden

Riyadh (South24)

According to media outlets affiliated with the Houthis, the Iranian-backed delegation left the Saudi capital city Riyadh earlier today.

Al-Mayadeen Channel said that the Houthi delegation left Saudi Arabia heading to Sanaa, accompanied by the delegation of the Sultanate of Oman, to consult with the Houthi leadership.

Reuters quoted sources saying that the talks in Riyadh had made progress on “timeline for foreign troops exiting Yemen and a mechanism for paying public wages.”

The agency spoke of "another expected meeting between the Saudis and the Houthi negotiating delegation to hold further talks."

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Neither the Saudi nor the Houthi sides have officially announced the results of these talks yet. A senior Houthi official had previously described these talks as the "last chance".

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