The killed Bahraini soldiers. September 25, 2023 (Bahraini activists)

Bahrain accuses the Houthis of targeting its forces in Saudi Arabia with drones, killing two


Mon, 25-09-2023 07:17 PM, Aden

Manama (South24) 

The Bahrain Defence Force (Ministry of Defence) announced today that an officer and a soldier among its forces were killed in a drone attack by the Houthi militia on the southern border of Saudi Arabia with Yemen.

An official statement said: "The Houthis attacked with drones the positions of the Bahraini duty force stationed at the southern border of Saudi Arabia on Monday morning".

"The treacherous attack led to the death of an officer and a soldier, and the injury of others despite the cessation of military operations on all sides of the war in Yemen. We offer our condolences to the families of the heroic soldiers," the statement added.

This incident comes days after the Houthi negotiating delegation returned from the Saudi capital city Riyadh, to Sanaa after political talks that lasted for days, mediated by the Sultanate of Oman.

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This attack is the first of its kind since the start of UN-brokered truce in Yemen in April 2022, and the cessation of Houthi external attacks towards Saudi Arabia and the UAE (the Arab Coalition countries). 

On September 21, the Houthis carried out a huge military parade in Sanaa, which included a display of missiles, new drones, and guided bomb boats.

So far, no official statement has been issued by the Houthi militia regarding the Bahraini accusations.

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