The effects of Tej in Al-Raydah and Qusayar district in the Coast of Hadramout, October 23, 2023 (activists)

Cyclone Tej approaches Al-Mahra and Hadramout


Mon, 23-10-2023 05:43 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

The eye of the cyclone Tej is approaching Al-Mahra Governorate in South Yemen, causing severe weather disturbances and damage in the coastal areas of Al-Mahra and the neighboring Hadramout Governorate.

Photo: hurricane tracker on October 23, 2023 - 7:55 PM Aden time - Extracted by "South24 Center").

Al-Mahra Governorate's Undersecretary, Mukhtar Al-Jaafari, told "South24 Center" that Cyclone Tej has already caused the displacement of residents from the coastal areas of the governorate due to severe weather and strong winds today.

He pointed out that 44 shelters in Al-Mahra Governorate have been prepared to receive those displaced by the storm. “We prepared a joint emergency operation room to confront the tropical situation and its expected repercussions,” Al-Jaafari added.

Hani Basloum, the head of the Fishermen Association in the Brom Mayfa district on the coast of Hadramout, told "South24 Center" that the boats of nine fishermen crashed last night due to oceanic turbulence.

Basloum pointed out that two fishermen had been injured while trying to remove their boats from the sea.

The Second Military District on the coast of Hadramout announced the deployment of specialized military units to respond to the potential repercussions of the cyclonic storm.

The Ministry of Transport in the internationally recognized government ordered the cessation of all land trips to and from Hadramout Governorate until tomorrow, according to a memorandum verified by "South24 Center".

The Al-Mahra Governorate media center reported that Governor Mohammed Ali Yasser was inspecting a number of locations in the city of Al-Ghaydah, the center of the governorate, as the effects of cyclone Tej began to be felt in the area.

Al-Mahra Governor Mohammed Ali Yasser inspects a number of areas in the city of Al-Ghaydah, October 23, 2023 (the governorate’s media center).

Pictures showed bulldozers removing mud that accumulated on the roads due to flooding. In the Socotra Archipelago, press sources told "South24 Center" that the storm had passed without causing any material or human damage.

Bulldozers remove mud from a road in the city of Al-Ghaydah in Al-Mahra, October 23, 2023 (Governorate Media Center).

Forecasts by climate and weather specialists indicate that the eye of the tropical storm, which turned into a second-degree hurricane, will hit land in Al-Mahra in the coming hours.

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