The site of rocket strike in Taba, Egypt (local media)

A second failed Houthi attack on Israel


Sat, 28-10-2023 05:35 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

The Egyptian army announced that a drone was intercepted in the Gulf of Aqaba region, and it fell in Benoubai area in Sinai Peninsula, coinciding with the fall of another drone in the Taba region, on Friday morning.

In three statements yesterday, the Egyptian army announced the results of investigations into the two security incidents.

The official spokesman said, “the results of the investigations revealed that two unmanned aircraft were heading from the south of the Red Sea to the north, and one of them was targeted outside Egyptian airspace in the Gulf of Aqaba region, resulting in some of its debris falling in an uninhabited area in addition, until the fall of the other in Taba.”

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The explosion occurred in the city of Taba on the Sinai Peninsula, near a hospital, resulting in 6 employees being slightly injured.

Reuters, citing the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said: “The missiles and drones that fell in Egypt were launched by the Houthis against Israel.”

The Jerusalem Post newspaper said, "Israel condemned the Houthis' launch of a missile that targeted Israel and hit an Egyptian resort about 220 kilometers from Gaza."

The Houthis have not officially commented on the incident yet, but the two drones are likely to be those of the Houthis, in what is considered the group's second failed attack on Israel in less than two weeks.

On October 22, the Houthi militia claimed responsibility for missiles and drones launched towards Israel, before the US Navy intercepted them in the northern Red Sea on October 19.

The head of the Houthi government, Abdulaziz bin Habtour, said: “We launched these missiles as a form of solidarity with the people of Gaza.” In a speech before the United Nations on Tuesday, the Israeli Foreign Minister said: “A missile was launched at us from Yemen and we know exactly who did it.”

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a draft Arab resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian truce to stop hostilities in the Gaza Strip. The project received 120 votes, 14 opposed and 45 abstentions.

The resolution submitted by Jordan on behalf of the Arab Group calls for an immediate, permanent and sustainable humanitarian truce leading to the cessation of hostilities. It calls for the provision of basic goods and services to civilians throughout the Gaza Strip immediately, continuously, adequately and without hindrance.

Fears are growing about the rise in the number of civilian casualties in Gaza as the expected comprehensive Israeli ground invasion approaches, and the risks of a regional conflict erupting.

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