A fighter with forces loyal to Yemen's government holds a position against Huthi rebels in Yemen's northeastern province of Marib, April 6, 2021. AFP

Eleven killed in Houthi attack on government forces in Marib


Wed, 08-11-2023 10:13 PM, Aden

Marib (South24)

Eleven government soldiers have been killed in an overnight attack on government forces in Marib Governorate on Monday. 

Today, the Yemeni Ministry of Defense posted a photograph online depicting the funeral of eleven soldiers, which it said were killed in a Houthi attack. 

The post indicated that the soldiers were killed “while performing their duty” in northwest Marib.

The attack had been previously disclosed by a military source speaking to news agency Xinhua on Tuesday. 

The military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Chinese news organization, “The Houthi fighters launched a large onslaught on Monday night and targeted sites of the government forces in Marib's northwestern part, sparking hours of deadly armed confrontation."

He stated that the Houthis attacked the forces of the internationally recognized government using an array of weaponry, resulting in fierce clashes on Marib’s northwestern Al-Kassara front, which killed eight soldiers and left 15 more injured. 

Government forces have since bolstered their defensive positions across Marib in anticipation of any further advancements by Houthi militants, according to the official.

This latest attack occurred just hours before an assassination attempt on the Yemeni Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Saghir bin Aziz, which also took place in Marib. No official accusations have been made nor responsibility claimed by any party, though Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani alleged the Houthis were to blame.

Both attacks came in light of recent ongoing escalation by the Houthis and their terrorist cells operating in the region, which the Ministry of Defense highlighted in a statement on Tuesday responding to the assassination attempt. 

Regarding Monday night’s attacks, the Houthi militia have yet to make an official statement. 

The gas and oil-rich governorate of Marib is at the center of the territories controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthis and the Saudi-allied Yemeni government, making it a hotly contested front in Yemen’s ongoing nine-year conflict.  

Marib has seen relative calm over the past several months amidst an apparent decrease of hostilities in the region, though the recent attacks may indicate a possible breakdown of the fragile peace. 

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