Houthi militia in Sanaa, North Yemen (©Hani Mohammed/AP)

Houthis deploy reinforcements to Hodeidah


Sun, 12-11-2023 05:44 PM, Aden

Hodeidah (South24)

An official military source in the Joint Forces of Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) has informed South24 Center that yesterday, the Houthi militia pushed military reinforcements to the western coast of the country in the governorate of Hodeidah.

The source said that the Houthi militia sent hundreds of militants, armed with heavy military vehicles, to the Al-Tuhayta area in the south of Hodeidah Governorate, near to where the Southern Giants Brigades (part of the Joint Forces) are deployed.

The deployment of reinforcements follows the first attacks of their kind conducted by Houthi militants against pro-government forces in Marib Governorate, last Monday, in which 11 soldiers were killed.

These reinforcements coincided with the first meeting of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA) with the government team yesterday, which took place in the city of Al-Khokha, an area in Hodeidah outside of Houthi control .

On Wednesday, the Houthi militia announced the shooting down of an American MQ9 drone “over Yemeni territorial waters” in the Red Sea. The Pentagon acknowledged that the plane was shot down "off the coast of Yemen."

Over the past few weeks, the Houthi militia have launched five attacks, using ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones, against the Israeli city of Eilat on the Red Sea.

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The fronts on the western coast of Yemen are among the most active and volatile since the war first broke out in the country. However, military actions by all sides have decreased significantly since a humanitarian truce was brokered by the UN in April 2022.

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