The meeting in Aden. November 13, 2023 (STC media)

Aden: STC President meets Southern military commanders


Mon, 13-11-2023 03:12 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) announced the meeting of Southern military and security commanders in the capital, Aden, headed by Major General Aidrous Al-Zubaidi.

The STC official website said that the meeting was held to inform the military and security commanders of the latest political developments and to discuss several files.

This marked the first time the commander of the Saudi-backed Nation Shield Forces, Bashir Al-Mudharibi, had attended a meeting of this kind in Aden, as reported by the website.

Bashir Al-Mudharibi to the right of Aidrous Al-Zubaidi (official)

In the meeting, Al-Zubaidi explained the developments in the political process in Yemen, the status quo of the 'South Issue', and the security and military arrangements that may happen as a result.

Al-Zubaidi, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Southern Forces, stressed the need for full coordination between the various units and raising combat readiness "to protect the people and the cause of South."

Al-Zubaidi asked leaders to intensify their efforts in enhancing the military and security forces, in order to instill more confidence and strength in the politicians who are managing the Southern issue and the struggle for South Yemen’s independence.

He said that they will continue the process of training the Southern forces, both to increase their strength and to keep pace with new developments and key stages, “whatever the circumstances.”

A few days ago, Al-Zubaidi returned to Aden following a political tour over the last two months that included the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

The meeting in Aden comes in light of recent security and military developments by the Houthis, with attacks in Marib and Taiz, and the deployment of additional forces to the western coast of Yemen.

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