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Two Houthi members arrested in Aden


Wed, 22-11-2023 12:15 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24)

The Security Belt Forces in South Yemen’s capital, Aden, announced yesterday that they had arrested two members of the Houthi militia in the Dar Saad district, north of the city.

A press statement released by the Southern forces said that the Security Belt Forces stopped a vehicle carrying several people as it was travelling from a governorate in Houthi-controlled North Yemen.

"Initial investigations with the accused revealed that two members were Houthi-affiliated and they participated in Houthi military courses," the statement added.

The statement disclosed that the two members "have direct affiliation and communication with the group's senior leadership and are in possession of Houthi operational numbers."

The statement did not include the names of the two people, but revealed their initials as “Sh. A. H.”, and “A. M. Q.”.

The security statement said that the two members "confessed to joining the Houthi militia, and were assigned to go to the capital, Aden, to carry out monitoring and surveillance tasks."

"The two members are part of Houthi cells attempting to target government, military and security agencies and figures in the capital, Aden in particular, and South in general," the statement added.

The statement said that investigations also confirmed the two members "work for the Houthi Preventive Security Service, where they received multiple courses by experts in the field of monitoring, control, making explosive devices, and car bombs."

The statement indicated that the two officers were handed over to the relevant legal authorities to complete their investigations and administer justice.

The Houthi militia has yet to comment on the allegations.

Yesterday, the Security Belt Forces also announced that they had arrested a man suspected of conducting terrorist operations in affiliation with extremist organization ISIS. 

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Over the past several years, Aden and other governorates in South have been subjected to an unprecedented wave of acts of terrorism and violence that have killed and injured hundreds of civilians, soldiers, and military and security leaders.

The Southern Transitional Council accuses the Iran-backed Houthi militia of coordinating with AQAP and ISIS to carry out attacks in areas it controls.

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