WFP pauses aid distribution in Houthi-controlled areas


Wed, 06-12-2023 03:10 PM, Aden

Sanaa (South24) 

The World Food Program (WFP) announced on Tuesday that it would pause the distribution of aid in areas controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi group in northern areas of Yemen.

In a press release on their website, the WFP said: “[We] announce the pause of General Food Distributions in areas of Yemen under the Sana'a Based Authorities' control, driven by limited funding and the absence of an agreement with the authorities on a smaller programme that matches available resources to the neediest families.”

"This difficult decision, made in consultation with donors, comes after nearly a year of negotiations, during which no agreement was reached to reduce the number of people served from 9.5 million to 6.5 million," it added.

“Food stocks in the areas under the Sana'a Based Authorities are now almost completely depleted and resuming food assistance, even with an immediate agreement, could take up to as long as four months due to the disruption of the supply chain of humanitarian food assistance,” the statement added.

The humanitarian organization said that in areas under the control of the internationally recognized government, general food distributions will continue in accordance with the resources announced last August, with an increased focus on those most in need.

On November 26th, the Houthis accused the WFP of implementing measures directed by the United States against Yemenis. The Houthis demanded that the WFP retract its decision.

In a letter to Cindy McCain, the executive director of the WFP, a member of the Houthi Political Council, Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, said: “We call on you to reconsider your decision to suspend humanitarian aid, and to reverse it.”

At the time, the WFP had already informed its employees in Sanaa of the decision.

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