Distributing aid to people displaced from their homes in North Yemen (Essa Ahmed/AFP/Getty Images)

UN requests $2.8 billion for Yemen humanitarian response in 2024


Tue, 12-12-2023 04:40 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Yesterday, the United Nations (UN) announced that it needs 2.8 billion US dollars to meet its humanitarian response plan in Yemen for the year 2024.

The appeal came as part of the annual Global Humanitarian Overview, in which the UN called on donors to raise US$46.4 billion to provide 180.5 million people with life-saving assistance and protection around the world in 2024.

The UN said that the appeal for Yemen is among the five largest ones globally along with Syria [$4.4 billion], Ukraine [$3.1 billion], Afghanistan [$3 billion], and Ethiopia [$2.9 billion]. 

"In Yemen, more than 80% of people targeted for assistance do not have proper water and sanitation," the statement noted.

The statement pointed to the lack of funding that the UN and nearly 1,900 international partners were exposed to during 2023, which meant that “humanitarian organizations reached less than two thirds of the people they aimed to assist".

Yemen is experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, primarily due to the ongoing civil war, which has entered its ninth year. Even prior to the conflict, Yemen had long been an impoverished country with poor indicators of food, education, and health.

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