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Clashes around Safer oil facility in Marib


Thu, 21-12-2023 02:12 PM, Aden

Marib (South24) 

Clashes between military forces loyal to the Yemeni government and tribal militants have erupted over the past three days in the vicinity of the Safer oil facility in the Marib governorate in North Yemen, as reported by a local source to South24 Center.

The source explained that on Tuesday, at least three tribal militants were killed during skirmishes that arose due to an almost 300% increase in fuel prices, as announced by the National Oil Company in Marib Governorate.

According to the source, dozens of tribal militants gathered with light to medium weaponry in the Al-Wadi District, where the Safer facility is located, to protest the rise in fuel prices by preventing the passage of oil locomotives.

Government forces were dispatched to disperse the tribal gathering by force, causing violent clashes that resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides. The confrontations also led to the death of a truck driver who was present at the scene of the fighting.

On Monday, the Marib Oil Company raised the price of a 20-liter can of gasoline from 3,500 Yemeni riyals (2.3 US dollars) to 9,750 Yemeni riyals (6.5 US dollars). This significant increase was strongly rejected by the armed tribes surrounding the Safer facility.

Yesterday, the Marib Oil Company released a statement declaring that the increase was introduced within the framework of central government reforms, and in line with recommendations by the Supreme Economic Council in Aden to increase government resources.

The statement explained that Sultan Al-Arada, the Governor of Marib and a member of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, intervened along with the government to reduce the price of a can of gasoline (20 liters) to 8,000 Yemeni riyals.

Fuel prices in Marib are the lowest that Yemen has seen in years, due to the presence of the Safer oil facility. A can of gasoline in the capital, Aden, sells for as high as 26,000 Yemeni riyals (17.3 US dollars).

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