The seized shipment (Coast Guard media)

Houthi arms shipment seized in Red Sea


Sun, 24-12-2023 04:25 PM, Aden

Mokha (South24)

The Coast Guard forces of the internationally recognized government announced yesterday that they had seized a shipment of weapons and ammunition on board a boat in the Red Sea near the city of Mokha in Taiz Governorate.

"Coast Guard forces (Red Sea sector) received an intelligence report about a boat carrying smuggled weapons and ammunition for the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia," Saba News Agency reported on its website.

The report added, "Coast Guard forces in the Mokha area intensified their maritime and coastal patrols and were able to reach the target, where two wooden boats were seized, one of which contained weapons and ammunition."

The news story did not clarify the identity of personnel onboard the boat, or the exact type of weapons and ammunition found. However, the story was accompanied by a photograph showing a Kalashnikov and ammunition boxes for machine guns and medium weaponry.

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