The seized shipment (official)

Nine drone jamming devices seized in Mahra


Tue, 02-01-2024 02:24 PM, Aden

Mahra (South24)

Yesterday, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior announced that it had seized drone jamming devices at the Shehn border crossing in the Al-Mahra governorate, neighboring the Sultanate of Oman.

“The Customs Administration of the land port of Shehn in Al-Mahra Governorate seized nine high-precision anti-drone jamming devices that were professionally hidden in machine boxes for travel welding tools," the security statement said.

The statement added: "The Deputy Director of the Customs Police Department, and all the security agencies affiliated with the land shipping customs port, participated in the seizure operation."

The statement did not specify where these devices were headed before being seized. Over recent years, a number of arms shipments, drones, and communications devices have been seized while on their way to the Houthis in North Yemen.

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