Al-Uqla oil field (local media)

Tension in Al-Uqla oil field in Shabwa


Wed, 03-01-2024 07:33 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24) 

South24 correspondent in Shabwa governorate said that Al-Uqla oil field in Usaylan district has been witnessing tension for days after the Austrian oil company OMV announced its intention to dismiss many local security employees.

The correspondent reported that calls were launched for tribal mobilization to prevent the company from its plan that it had previously announced last September after the cessation of oil exports due to the Houthi attacks more than a year ago, and the activation of the force majeure situation.

Today, the head of the Shabwa Tribal Alliance, sheikh Fares Al-Khubaili, condemned the calls for tribal gathering near the Al-Uqla oil field.

He said on “X” platform: “When the need arises for a rally, it will be called and prepared to meet the legitimate demands. The Alliance's leadership is following up with great interest with the local authorities the entitlements of the people of Shabwa.”

On December 30, tribal sheikh Al-Khubaili warned OMV of its plan to dismiss around 20 local security employees.

He said in a statement, a copy of which was sent to South24 Center: “Shabwa Governorate did not obtain its sufficient percentage of workers within the oil companies in the governorate.”

At the beginning of last September, OMV said that from the beginning of this year, it would be forced to dismiss 200 employees in all departments in order to try to reduce the ongoing large financial losses resulting from the cessation of work in Sector S2, which the company operates.

Shabwa governorate suffers from weak service infrastructure and high fuel prices, despite the presence of major oil fields there. During the past years, the governorates witnessed several battles launched by the Houthis and the Islah Party to control them.

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