Major General Hassan bin Jalal Al-Obaidi (local media)

Yemeni military official killed in Cairo


Sun, 18-02-2024 04:31 PM, Aden

Cairo (South24)

A Yemeni Ministry of Defense official was killed in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Sunday, under mysterious circumstances.

In a statement on Facebook, the Yemeni Embassy in Egypt said that Director of the Military Industrialization Department in the Ministry of Defense, Major General Hassan bin Jalal Al-Obaidi, had been found murdered in his apartment in Cairo.

The statement added: “The embassy assigned specialists to go to the field, communicate with all relevant security authorities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and follow up on investigations to reach the truth of the incident.”

The embassy did not provide further details regarding the incident, nor the reason for the military official’s presence in Cairo.

So far, the Yemeni Ministry of Defense has not issued any statement. No party has claimed responsibility for the incident.

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