UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg (AP/Amr Nabil)

Civil organizations in South Yemen address UN envoy Grundberg


Sun, 18-02-2024 06:15 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

On Sunday, 46 civil organizations in South Yemen issued a joint statement addressed to the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, regarding exclusion from the activities conducted by his office.

The statement denounced what it described as a “selective mechanism” adopted in Grundberg’s consultative meetings, that excluded civil society and youth organizations in Aden and other Southern governorates, as was the case in the last meeting organized by Grundberg's office on February 11 in Aden.

It called on Grundberg to involve a wide spectrum of active organizations and youth groups in the peace process to make it more effective. 

The statement said: “We would like to draw your attention to the need for verifying the choice of your local partners who are keen to link you with all active organizations and experts from all areas, and not adopt a selective mechanism.”

The statement pointed out that the last meeting in Aden "was monopolized into only two groups”, and that it "[ignored] a large section of active and effective organizations and youth groups. Thus, the meeting was marred by poor organization. This was probably intentional and aimed to incite the marginalized bodies that represent a large section of the populace against your office and its neutral role in leading the peace process."

It added: "We urge you to revise your list of local partners. It should not be limited to a party, a color, or an area. Objectively and for the sake of neutrality itself, it is necessary to guarantee the representation of the active civil society, women, and youth with all their different entities and spectrums across the entire national soil without exclusion or marginalization.."

46 civil organizations, including youth institutions and research and study centers, signed the statement, including the South24 Center for News and Studies.

On February 11, Grundberg's office published a post on the X platform about a consultative meeting held by the UN envoy with what he described as "30 youth and civil society activists, and experts from all over Yemen."

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