The solar stations (credit: Ibrahim Ehab)

Partial operation of first solar power station in Aden


Mon, 04-03-2024 02:20 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, authorities in South Yemen’s capital, Aden, began the gradual operation of the country’s first solar electric power station, funded by the UAE.

The media office of Aden Governorate said that Governor Ahmed Lamlas launched the partial operation of the station, running at 20-30% of its full capacity of 120 megawatts.

“The station will reduce the cost of generating electricity and the need for fuel during daylight hours, and will also contribute to preserving the environment by reducing carbon emissions,” the statement said.

Governor Ahmed Lamlas during the opening of the solar station (credit: Ibrahim Ehab)

In December 2022, the Yemeni government signed an agreement with the UAE to build the station, which is the first of its kind in the country.

The station, a pioneering model in clean energy, was built west of Aden on an estimated 1.6 million square meters of land. 

The project stands as one of the proposed and dependable solutions aimed at alleviating the electricity crisis that has plagued Aden for years.

Aden’s transformation into the official capital of Yemen since 2015, and its reception of hundreds of thousands of displaced people from warzones, have doubled the city’s electricity needs. 

During the summer, Aden’s daily electricity requirements reach about 700 megawatts, while its generating capacity reaches 350 megawatts at best.

In recent years, the electricity fuel crisis has been the main cause of power outages, which often totaled 20 hours per day.

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