The Civil Network for Media, Development and Human Rights delegation in the capital, Aden

Human rights report on violations in South Yemen over 30 years


Tue, 05-03-2024 03:53 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Yesterday, the Civil Network for Media, Development and Human Rights in the capital, Aden, issued the latest edition of its annual report documenting human rights violations in South Yemen from 1994-2023.

The findings of the report were disclosed during a conference in Aden attended by representatives from the office of the UN Envoy to Yemen, international and humanitarian organizations, ministers in the Yemeni government, and officials from the Southern Transitional Council.

The human rights report was titled ‘Violations, Forgotten Crimes, and Absent Justice for the Period 1994-2023’.

The report said that former president Ali Abdullah Saleh's regime was responsible for about 700,000 human rights violations in South Yemen since its victory in the 1994 War, the deaths and injuries of 6,600 victims, including women and children, and the arbitrary detention of 33,590 people.

According to the report, the number of Southerners forcibly removed from their jobs reached 355,659 civilian and military employees in total, while 307 political assassinations against Southerners have been documented since observation began.

“1,882 homes, facilities, institutions, factories, and Southern companies in both the public and private sectors were destroyed and looted," the report added.

The number of human rights violations committed by the insurgent Houthi militia against civilians in the South rose to a total of 666,685 cases from 2015 to 2023, as per the report. 

It added: "The victims of Houthi violations in the South amounted to 35,649 dead and injured, including 1,006 women and 934 children, in addition to 3,595 cases of arrest and torture."

The report indicated that 470 operations by terrorist groups were documented over thirty years, causing the deaths of 2,916 Southern civilians and military personnel.

The Civil Network for Human Rights called on international organizations and committees concerned with Yemen to hold those responsible accountable and to bring the perpetrators of violations in South Yemen to justice.

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