Yemeni PM Ahmed bin Mubarak during the meeting. March 19, 2024 (Saba agency)

Yemen's PM: Roadmap halted due to Houthi escalation


Tue, 19-03-2024 12:03 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24)

Yesterday, Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak revealed that the roadmap for a political solution in Yemen, which was announced by UN envoy Hans Grundberg last December, has been halted due to the Houthi escalation in the Red Sea and the group’s attacks against international shipping.

The announcement came during a virtual meeting held by Bin Mubarak with Yemeni ambassadors abroad, according to the state-run Saba News Agency. Bin Mubarak said: "The roadmap that the government welcomed was halted due to the Houthi escalation in the Red Sea and the threat to international navigation, which led to the Houthis being designated as international terrorists."

"With the cessation of the road map, the horizon for a political solution has declined," he added. According to Saba, the meeting touched on the efforts of Yemeni embassies and consulates abroad to mobilize international support for Yemen, and to confront the Houthis’ narratives regarding the connection of their ongoing naval attacks since last November to the Israeli war on Gaza.

In other news in Yemen, a South24 Center correspondent reported that two Southern Forces soldiers were killed today when a landmine planted by the Houthis exploded on the Sabira front in Al-Dhalea Governorate, north of the capital, Aden.

On Sunday, Southern forces repelled a massive Houthi attack in the northwest of Al-Dhalea. The Deraa Aljanoob (South Shield) website said that the Houthi attack led to the death of one soldier from the Southern forces and the injury of another, while the Houthis lost a number of fighters during the clashes.

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