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Southern forces repel new Houthi attack in Al-Dhalea


Wed, 27-03-2024 10:54 PM, Aden

Al-Dhalea (South24) 

Today, three Southern Forces soldiers were killed while repelling a fresh attack launched by Houthi militants in the north of Al-Dhalea Governorate, according to reports from a South24 Center correspondent.

According to the correspondent, at dawn today, the Houthis attempted to penetrate positions held by Southern forces on the Bab Ghalaq front in the Al-Fakher area, in the north of Al-Dhalea. The attempt ultimately failed after intense return fire from Southern forces.

The clashes, which involved the use of various types of weaponry, led to the deaths of about five Houthi fighters, based on preliminary evidence provided by the correspondent. 

This is the latest in a series of Houthi attacks in northern Al-Dhalea which have occurred in recent days. The attack coincided with the ninth anniversary of the launch of the Arab Coalition operations against the Houthis on March 26, 2015.

The northern and northwestern regions of Al-Dhalea Governorate are active fronts in the ongoing war, due to being situated on the border with the Houthi-controlled Ibb Governorate.

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