South24 Center signs partnership agreement with Rory Peck Trust


Fri, 12-04-2024 10:14 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24) 

On April 3, the South24 Center for News and Studies signed a memorandum of understanding and partnership agreement with British NGO The Rory Peck Trust, aiming to enhance cooperation in the supporting of freelance journalists in Yemen.

The partnership aims to optimize the coordination of resources and ensure the South24 Center’s programs are developed with a needs-based approach. South24 will communicate the training and assistance needs of freelance journalists in the region to The Rory Peck Trust, who in turn will support those needs through funding.  

The South24 Center for News and Studies is an independent media and research institution operating from Zurich, Switzerland, with a regional office in Aden, South Yemen. Since its establishment in September 2019, the Center has sought to provide live and comprehensive coverage of the most prominent political and strategic news, opinions, studies, and research produced locally, regionally, and internationally, addressing issues and developments related to South Yemen, Yemen, and the wider region.

The Rory Peck Foundation is a British charity founded in 1995 in memory of freelance journalist Rory Peck, who was killed while covering armed confrontations during the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993. The leading and world-renowned foundation aims to support freelance journalists around the world by providing training and technical and financial support.

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