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Yemeni Defense Minister: Houthis allied with AQAP and ISIS


Sun, 19-05-2024 09:30 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, Yemeni Defense Minister Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daeri accused Yemen’s Houthis of being allied with AQAP and ISIS.

The allegation surfaced during a meeting in Aden which brought together Al-Daeri and the military advisor to the UN Envoy for Yemen, Antony Hayward, along with the envoy’s accompanying delegation, according to a report by the Saba News Agency.

Saba said that the meeting discussed the Houthi military escalation across multiple battlefronts, including the Houthi attack in Al-Abdiyah in Marib yesterday in which six members of the Southern Giants Brigades were killed and more injured.

Al-Daeri said: "Our forces and all military formations are prepared at a high level of coordination to confront the attacks of the Houthi militia and the terrorist organizations allied with it, represented by AQAP and ISIS terrorists."

"The arrival of Iranian ships from the port of Bandar Abbas directly to Hodeidah, without inspection, confirms the continued flow of weapons and Iranian experts who are managing the Houthi battle and its operations in the Red Sea," he added.

Al-Daeri warned that "the Houthis remaining in places overlooking international navigation will remain a threat to the region and the world."

Yesterday, the Southern Giants Brigades announced that they had repelled a Houthi attack on the Al-Jufra area in the Al-Abdiyah district in Marib Governorate, near Shabwa Governorate.

Their statement said that dozens of Houthi members had been killed and injured during the failed attack.

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