Credit: Abdullah Al-Jaashani

Conclusion of heritage festival in Yafa, South Yemen


Wed, 26-06-2024 07:27 PM, Aden

Yafa (South24) 

Traditional folk festivals in the Yafa areas of South Yemen, located around the governorates of Abyan and Lahj near Aden, concluded today.

The festival in Al-Maflahi district, Lahj Governorate, marked the end of these heritage festivals, which coincided with the days of the Islamic Eid Al-Adha.

The festival featured performances of folk dances presented by troupes from multiple regions in Yafa. The event also included performances by boys and girls wearing traditional attire.

Credit: Abdullah Al-Jaashani

Photos showed children carrying swords, shields, and historical military tools used by tribes in past conflicts to defend their lands.

Annually, a series of traditional folk festivals are held in Yafa, starting with the Labous Festival, followed by the Al-Mousta Festival, and concluding with the Al-Muflihi Festival.

In addition to these heritage festivals, another festival is organized in the Al-Qara area in the Rasd district of Abyan, inside the historic “Al-Qara Castle.”

Credit: Abdu Aljlil Qasem

In previous centuries, this castle served as the seat of rulers of the Afifi Sultanate, one of the renowned Yafi Sultanates before the establishment of the state of South Yemen in 1967.

These areas are considered major tribal centers in Yafa, which comprises eight districts - four in Abyan Governorate and four in Lahj Governorate.

Yafa is one of the largest tribes in the Arabian Peninsula, with a presence in Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

The name Yafa is associated with the famous ancient Himyarite Kingdom, leaving evidence and inscriptions in Musnad script throughout Yemen.

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