A great popular welcome.. Shabwa tribes support the STC's decision in South Yemen


Sun, 26-04-2020 11:16 PM, Aden

Aden| south24

The major tribes of Shabwa Governorate announced their support for the statement of the Southern Transitional Council, which called on Saturday night for declaring a state of emergency and self-management measures for the southern governorates.

The tribes of "Al-Awalik", the largest tribe of the south, said that they "declare their support, blessing and standing with the historic decision of the Transitional Council."

The tribes of Al-Awlaki called in a statement, seen by "south24", the leadership of the Arab coalition to support the decision of the southern people taken by the STC. "The decision will benefit the security and stability of the region and Arab national security," the statement added.

The Alliance of Tribes and Sons of Shabwa also announced their absolute support for the "courageous decision" of the Southern Council and announced their support behind the leadership of the STC in order to implement effectively this historic decision.

Also, both the "Balharith" and "Al-Bawada" tribes in Shabwa and the "Noman" tribes in Shabwa, Hadramout, declared their absolute support for all that was mentioned in the statement of the Southern Transitional Council.

The tribes said that what was issued by the Governor of Shabwa Governorate, "Muhammad Salih bin Adiyu" does not represent the people of Shabwa, but rather represents the party to which the governor belonge: "the Islamic Reform (ISLAH) Party."

The Transitional Council announced on Saturday night, Sunday morning, that it would take self-management measures for the cities of South Yemen, after what it said "the failure of the Yemeni government to carry out its duties."

Southern communities around the world welcomed the decision. The security institutions in the governorates of Aden, Al Dhale'e, Lahj, Abyan and Socotra supported these measures too.

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