Over 90,000 people displaced in Yemen since January as conflict continues


Fri, 12-06-2020 09:51 AM, Aden Time

South24/ RT

The UN refugee agency said on Thursday that more than 94,000 people have been displaced and forced to flee their homes in several parts of Yemen since January. “The ongoing conflict in Yemen continues to displace people from their homes as they struggle to survive,” the UNHCR tweeted.

More than 94,000 – including at least 15,000 households – were displaced between January 1 and June 6, according to the agency. Only about 5,200 people were able to return to their places of origin in that period.

The civil war erupted in Yemen in 2015. A US-backed, Saudi-led coalition launched an offensive against Yemen’s Houthi rebels who had overrun the capital of Sanaa and most of the country’s north the previous year, forcing an internationally recognized government to flee to the south.

As the war rages on, Yemen is struggling to battle the coronavirus pandemic, lacking medical services. Authorities have officially reported 564 cases and 130 deaths from Covid-19, AP said.

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