South Yemen: Arrest of a dangerous al-Qaeda leader

South Yemen: Arrest of a dangerous al-Qaeda leader

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The military spokesman for the Abyan axis in South Yemen, Mohammad al-Naqib, announced on Friday evening that the security services in the governorate managed to arrest one of the dangerous leaders of Al-Qaeda, and four others who were accompanying him.

Al-Naqib said, in a tweet: “Today, the Muslim Brotherhood militia has resumed its violations, after the arrest of one of its most prominent leaders in al-Qaeda, Mustafa Mahdi, who is nicknamed (Abu Al-Zubair) and four of his comrades in Dovas Point."

"The terrorist Abu al-Zubair “is a staff general of Luay Al-Zamki, is considered one of the most dangerous terrorist leaders, and he is an emir in the Al-Qaeda organization.” Al-Naqib added.

Luay Al-Zamki is the commander of the Third Brigade, Presidential Protection of the Yemeni government.

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