Floods cause 40 deaths and injuries in Al-Mahra, South Yemen

A storm in Al-Mahra Governorate on October 2023 (local media)

Floods cause 40 deaths and injuries in Al-Mahra, South Yemen


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Al-Mahra (South24)  

Four  people have died and 36 others were injured as a result of floods and torrents caused by the storm in Al-Mahra Governorate, South Yemen, over the past few days, according to information published by the government news agency Saba on Monday.

A quote from the local authority in Al-Mahra, featured in Saba’s reporting, gave the aforementioned number of victims in an initial damage report. Hundreds of families were also displaced from their homes, as rainfall reached levels of as much as 108mm in Al-Ghaydah, the governorate’s capital.

The authority also reported that the main and secondary roads, along with many bridges, ferries, electrical poles, and the communications network, had been damaged by the flooding.

The Governor of Al-Mahra ordered the urgent opening of some closed roads and the remaining damaged roads, as well as a comprehensive damage report to submit to the Yemeni government in the capital, Aden. 

Over the past few days, the governorates of Al-Mahra and Hadramout have been grappling with a storm that brought heavy rain and flooding, leading to submerged streets and significant damage to critical electricity, roads, and communications infrastructure.

These two governorates, along with the Socotra Governorate, are repeatedly exposed to natural disasters caused by torrents and hurricanes, with no government measures in place to handle the consequences of them.

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