STC accuses the Yemeni president of undermining the Riyadh agreement


Sat, 16-01-2021 12:43 AM, Aden Time

Aden (south24)

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) announced its rejection of the "unilateral" decisions issued by President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, on Friday evening, which decided to appoint figures close to Islamists to high-ranking positions.

"These decisions are a dangerous escalation and a clear and unacceptable departure from what has been agreed upon, and undermining the Riyadh agreement," the  STC spokesman, Ali Al Kathiri, said today, on twitter.

The Yemeni President had issued republican decisions appointing the advisor to the Yemeni President, Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher, as Chairman of the Shura Council. The decision also included naming members of the Shura Council.

Hadi also issued a decree appointing a member of the Islamic Brotherhood organization in Yemen as the Attorney General of Jahouria.

Hadi had issued already a decision at the beginning of 2019, dismissing bin Dagher, who was head of the government at the time, and referred him for investigation on charges of corruption.

"The Presidency of the Council is studying what happened and will announce an official position soon," Al-Kathiri said.

STC is an official party to the Riyadh Agreement signed with the Yemeni government in February 2019 in Riyadh. The Southern Council allowed the return of the Yemeni parity Government to return to Aden, on December 31, 2020.

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